Dajo Van den Bussche

GG – How would you define your work in few words?

Fragmented, ambiguous and subtle.


GG – Do you have in mind any future idea or project?

Some images of the Caterpillar series are captures in the northern, coastal region of France. My fascination for this place started a few years ago when a friend and I were doing a short road trip from Calais to Cap Gris-Nez along a country road. It’s one of the few locations where ruins from the infamous Atlantic Wall are still quite intact. This stretch of coastline offers perspective on what scale and impact this war had on the region. Next to this, some villages in Côte d’Opale are, due to natural forces, struggling with erosion. When visiting, you can quite literally see the edge of a cliff crumbling away into a mass of water. Looking back at these archived images, it became more clear that revisiting the area and focusing on these phenomena can be the start of a new, long-term photographic project.


GG – what do you wish every child were taught?

As a 6-year-old, I was lucky enough to have parents that supported creative development, which is immensely important as a child. With the recent reformation in the Flemish, Catholic educational program, I fear that artistic subjects become less and less important. In my opinion, every child and adolescent should at least get a taste of creative making/thinking at school. Whether it be through music, drawing, painting, theatre, etc  … We can clearly see what impact creativity and culture have on mental health. Especially in these uncertain times.




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