Louise De Groote

GG – Do you have a few words that you would use to describe your aesthetics?

I like to use natural lights, to play with it and wait for the right angle of light. It is important to me that the picture looks and feels natural. Same for the portraits, I just capture a second of someone’s life without interfering. Photography is not just a passive medium, but an active incentive to understand and cherish reality.


GG – And what is your aim as artist? What do you want to achieve as an artist?

I like to express myself through photography. It is the way I look at things and life. Capture purity, beauty.


GG – Photography: What or who inspires you the most? Are there certain situations that you feel immediately the need to take the camera and shoot?

I have grown up in a creative environment, where art, architecture, nature and beautiful things were important. As a child, I was always motivated to be creative. When I’m out, I always have my camera for the unexpected beauty that could surge around the corner.


GG – What is your favourite song/book/film/city/food?

Film: into the wild

Song: The Chain, Fleetwood mac

City: New York city

Food: Plant-based


GG – what do you wish every child were taught?

History of art was for me a eyeopener. I learned about the world, the people, and that there are so many different ways to look at it. Through art, you can liberate yourself from the straightjacket you grow up into.




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