Ryan Shorosky

GG – We would like to know what do you think about your photography, what meanings, messages you put?

I’m very hard on myself so the perception of my work is constantly changing and going through ups and downs – something I’ve come to trust as part of the process and growth as an artist. I’ve definitely gravitated towards more gritty environments my whole life so I think my work tends to show a different, more soft side of those places and people’s stories.


GG – What or who inspires you the most? Are there certain situations that you feel immediately the need to take the camera and shoot?

The real-life situations are really what carry the most weight to me – and are what I translate as inspiration or motivation. As much as I admire and am committed to the visual arts world, I’ve also learned that I need to be in and around environments where art making is the last on the priority list. Truck driving for me became such a vital source of creative motivation because living and working that life took up almost all of my time and attention – so when I do decide to create in that world, it is usually a lot more intentional and thought out as I understand it’s a privilege.


GG – What’s your typical day?

Fortunately being a photographer, director, and truck driver there’s no such thing as a typical day, haha. My days vary but it really depends on what sort of project I’m working on at that moment or if I’m on the road or home.


GG- What could you imagine doing if you didn’t do what you do ?

Train engineer throughout the American West but if anything, that’ll probably be my next adventure.




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