Mar Badal

GG – How would you define your work in few words?

The bond with contemporary dance has always been present in my own life. The specialization in video dance is my main focus. On the other hand,  my work until now, apart from projects with dancers has always been focused on the people, the different societies and cultures around the world, photo psychology and photojournalism. I have a workflow in tight relation with team direction, often related to multidisciplinary art projects.


GG – Do you have in mind any future idea or project?

Since I have always been connected with dance and video, I always had on mind to create a platform where video dance artists could show their work and be recognized in order to consolidate the artistic discipline.

That’s why during the lockdown, I created the Lens Dans. This project is a new Video dance Festival that will showcase emerging artists from the video dance field. The festival is planned to be held on the 11th, 12th, 13th of June 2021, in la Vallée, Brussels, if it’s allowed from the Belgium government due to the current situation COVID-19. You can find all the information in and


GG – What kind of music usually accompanies you? It can also affect work, right?

Since my main work is to create videos, I’m always working with music, I can not imagine creating my work without it because it’s my main inspiration. I keep constantly in mind music bands like Bonobo, Nicolas Jaar, Boogie Belgique, Polo&Pan, Nicola Cruz, Quantic..among others. Always inside the genre of Electronica, Down tempo, experimental electro swing, cumbia, jazz…etc. On the other hand, I love the work of independent singers of blues, jazz and indie folk from Alice Phoebe Lou or Uma.


GG- Who are some of your favorite artists, musicians, writers, film directors? Are there any specific references you keep constantly in mind?

I think I am strongly influenced by the musicians I already mentioned, together with Contemporary dancers or video dance film directors like Neels Castillon, Mike Tyus, Aina Lanas or the piece “Valtari” from Sigur Ros, Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui and Christian Larson.

Classic Photographers like Irving Penn, Henri Cartier Bresson, Eugene Smith, Corinne Day or Robert Frank and writers like Angela Davis, Brigitte Vasallo, Flavita Banana and Paula Bonet. Pina Bausch is always one of my references. The films from Cristopher Nolan and Mike Cahill are always a source of inspiration for my work, too.




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Mar Badal