Stefan Klamt

GG – Could you tell us a little about yourself? How did your work in art begin?

I got my first camera when I was about 12. I took pictures with film and learned to work in the darkroom. As I got older, my interests shifted.  After many years, I was 40 at the time, I rediscovered photography for myself. It helps me to look closely and discover the beauty of the everyday. Since then, whenever I have time and feel like it, I roam the city with my camera.


GG – Do you have a few words that you would use to describe your aesthetic?

I mainly create visually clear colour images. It is important to me that my pictures are amenable to the viewer. At the same time, I also try to capture small irritations in them that might make the viewer think. My photos are rather “tight” constructed because I want to fill the image area as completely as possible with context.


GG – What’s your typical day ?

I am not a professional photographer but work in a company. That determines my daily routine. In my free time I practice yoga, I like to cook and, of course, make pictures whenever I have the chance.


GG – What do you wish every child were taught?

To become aware of what they are really interested in and what they are really good at. And then getting the strength and confidence to pursue those things. And of course: Unconditional love.




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