Rodolphe de Decker

GG – We would like to know what you think about your photography, what meanings, messages you put?

At the same time, my artistic work is mainly composed of architecture and landscapes. It is based on a paradox between, on the one hand, the speed and energy developed by certain cities and, on the other hand, the purity, slowness and minimalism of the elements of nature.

I think we all like to take long forest walks to connect with nature and we also have to go dancing the night away in discos… I transfer those human needs into my photography.


I like to express these two aspects at the same time in order to express the beauty of nature and the impact of the human being on nature.


GG – What or who inspires you the most? Are there certain situations that you feel immediately the need to take the camera and shoot?

Inspiration can have many faces …

Some pictures are taken with a long preparation. I know exactly what I want and put all the pieces of the image together to make it come alive. Other pictures are not prepared but they are still planned… When I went to Monument Valley in Arizona, I knew something could happen but I didn’t know what and when. Then, I need to be ready for the “good picture”… If I wasn’t ready when I saw the cowboy with his horse arriving just in front of “The Three Sisters”, it would only live in my memories but not on pictures…

Often it will be the light that will set my inspiration… When you walk around London and see a lighted carousel, you start to imagine what a visual effect it could bring to your photo as the revolving chairs spin around and rise in the sky at the same time.

About what inspired me, I will also tell the minimalism and the exact opposite of it…


GG – What kind of music usually accompanies you? It can also affect work, right?

I started learning music at 5 years old and I listen and play music in many different situations, but when I am in a city or in nature with my camera I always listen to the sounds that come to me. It’s so important to feel the full atmosphere of the place I want to photograph.

But, on the other hand, I listen to music in the car and always choose the appropriate music. After that, I usually listen to the same music when developing the images on my computer to get me in the same mood.

The music can be from Mozart to U2, Brel or cinematic music. It’s always very eclectic.


GG – What do you wish every child were taught?

I would say to look everywhere, everywhere and everywhere …


When I was on the Belgian coast in 2013, I went to the beach at night. Usually when darkness comes nobody looks at the sea… But that day I observed bioluminescence for the first time in Belgium. After that, I was so sad to see all the people running on the sea wall without watching this exceptional scene …

The photo I took was published the next day in many Belgian newspapers.




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