Odelia Toder

GG – How would you define your work in few words?

The first words coming to my mind are ‘responsive’ and ‘questioning’. My creative practice is open to changes and influences in relation to circumstances, therefore it can differ from project to project. I draw inspiration from momentary happenings, in a somewhat documentary approach, but am also interested in more directly subjective, personally driven frameworks. The tying philosophy between most of my works can be the urge to contemplate and ask questions rather than assuming authority of claiming a solid truth.


GG – Do you have in mind any future idea or project?


Alongside photography, I am writing and directing films. Film brings an additional language, encompassing sound and moving image together, in a collaborative process.

With photography, I may work with a camera as an exclusive companion. Films, almost always, call for team work. There is a nice balance between both mediums that I’m farther interested in exploring and growing within.


GG – What are you reading?

I am often juggling between several books, but the one I am most committed to at the moment is Christos Ikonomou’s Something Will Happen, You’ll See.


GG – What do you wish every child were taught?

To trust one’s intuition. That it’s okay to not fit in; sometimes even essential.




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