Bathing in Golden Light #1

Bathing in Golden Light #1, Beijing, 2015

120 x 80 cm | 180 x 120 cm

This work is part of a limited edition set.

This visual will be UV-printed in HD on a specific lightbox textile, fixed seamlessly in the lightbox.  The lightbox frame, single-sided, 24V, black profile, should be installed on a wall. See pictures below.

With the integrated dimmer, you will be able to modify the intensity of the light (no light, 25%, 50%, 75% or 100%).

Light impacts greatly the artistic work. All details, contrasts, colours will come forward, giving a very sharp effect to the image.



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Photography is and has always been for me the ideal medium to express emotions. The particular energy brought by light and colour is vital both in my private and professional life.
Light, as the only form of energy we can see, presents itself as colour. My photographs allow the viewer and the creator to explore feelings through abstraction. I see photography very much like a painter and I use my camera like a brush.


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Electrical Installation

Each lightbox comes with an electrical cable that needs to be electrically connected to a plug.

2 ways to proceed:


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