Miguel Rozpide

GG- Could you tell us a little about yourself? How did your work in art begin? We would like to know what do you think about your photography, what meanings, messages you put?

I was born in Pontevedra, a small city in the northwest of Spain. I became interested in art when I discovered in my grandparent’s house, an old Petri 7s II, that my grandfather gave me as a present when I was 16 years old. Since then, I started to capture everything around me in an attempt to document my life. Photography for me is a way of escaping from this busy overcrowded world we live in, I could even consider it as a meditation process. When I take photos, I’m driven my unconsciousness impulses, after I develop my photos, I try to understand why I took them and their meaning.


GG – How would you define your work in few words?

Cathartic, confidential, serene and intimate.


GG – What’s your earliest childhood memory?

Having a bumblebee between my fingers band and showing it to my family. I was so proud of my catch without being aware that it could hurt me.


GG – what kind of music usually accompanies you? It can also affect work, right?

Normally, I listen to Techno or Ambient music. I guess the repetitive structure of this music helps me relax and concentrate. This music also relates to my aesthetics and somehow becomes the soundtrack of my own work. In a way, each photo I take has one song that goes with it.


GG- What do you like to do when you’re alone?

Daydreaming, project myself into the future.




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