Kristof Ramon

GG – Could you tell us a little about yourself? How did your work in art begin?

I was a Film Major and worked in television for 15 year before venturing into cycling photography. The good thing about that was that I came into this world on my own terms. I wanted to create images in a way that I saw cycling and focused more on the storytelling aspect of the sport, more so then on pure sports photography. Maybe my photos were a bit more ‘cinematic’ then what was around at the time…


GG – And what is your aim as an artist? What do you want to achieve as an artist?

I feel like I already achieved so much in such a short time (over the past decade). In that time I was able to immerse myself completely into a world that fascinates me immensely and follow and document some of the sports absolute superstars.
As a storyteller in this niche world of cycling I now would like to move on and start exhibiting my work more and venture into publishing books and art prints while diving deeper and deeper into more personal projects together with my cycling friends.


GG – Did your aesthetic develop and change over time?

It definitely evolved over the past decade and I hope it keeps evolving into an even purer form in the future. Then again; I guess I’ll always keep a documentary element in there somewhere…


GG – Who are some of your favourite artists, musicians, writers, film directors? Are there any specific reference you keep constantly in mind?

I am extremely eclectic when it comes to art (-ists) I admire/consume.
My music taste covers all sorts of genres and eras, but one constant is all of this is a feeling of authenticity and directness.
Where punk gave me a strong DIY incentive towards what I do, Jazz gave me a strong sense of freedom (and belief in the power improvisation) and the importance of mastering your craft. American Roots music showed me the beauty of directness and vulnerability.
The same goes for my taste in film and my love for strong documentaries.
All in all I’ve learned to trust my intuition as a the main force in what I do. Thus far it served me rather well…


GG – What is your favourite song/book/film/city/food?
Films: Der Himmel ûber Berlin by Wim Wenders / Coffee and Cigarettes by Jim Jarmush / Rumble Fish by Francis Ford Coppola /
Music: Minutemen / Hüsker Dü / Joy Division / Nick Cave / Johnny Cash / Hank Williams / DJ Shadow / John Coltrane / Miles Davis / Nina Simone / Public Enemy / Wilco / Fugazi / Sonic Youth / Townes Van Zandt /
City: LONDON (GBR) and Girona (ESP) > for completely different reasons
Food: vegan / home barista coffee / sourdough bread / libanese / asian / fresh
other: I listen to LOADS of podcasts (when crossing Europe by car) about cycling and science
Also very fond of many kinds of street art and love to be surprised by it when visiting new places or while riding my bike.


GG – What do you like to do when you’re alone?

none of your business really… but let’s keep it at ‘volume going to 11’




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