Seppe Vancraywinkel

GG – How would you define your work in few sentences?

I tend to capture images in a playful manner and chose to be involved rather than be a mere spectator. I’ve always photographed analogue and in black and white. Not only in my current project but also in previous ones. It’s my way of creating a filter, an extra layer, that shields the dreamlike world I portray from reality. I feel like colours are too much part of reality, I think they’re distracting and that’s why I avoid them. Lastly, I would also say my work plays with stories, shapes and scales.


GG – What or who inspires you the most?

I get a lot of inspiration from interacting with my friends, but also from nature and life itself. At times I tend to pick apart my own feelings and dreams and translate them into visual stories. Movies are a big source of inspiration too, I especially like the nouvelle vague movies in black and white, those of Jean-Luc Godard for example.


GG – what kind of music usually accompanies you? It can also affect work, right?


Music has always been very important in my life. It was the main reason for my friends and I, to meet up. We would share and explore new songs or artist from all sorts of genres, going from ambient to postpunk, classical to footwork. We would really fully emerge in our latest discoveries, even in terms of our clothing style, in that way it kind of affects my work in a direct, visible way. When I’m working in the darkroom or retouching my images, I always find myself listening to classical music. Beethoven works like a drug for me.


GG – Which artist of the past would you most like to meet?

I would have loved to meet up with Jean-Michel Basquiat and accompany him while he was colouring the streets of New York. You can tell from his art and interviews that he was very playful and an intelligent and pleasant guy as well.




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